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I contacted Barbara on the recommendation of a friend. My mother-in-law, who lives 120 miles from us, was experiencing side effects from her cancer treatment and in  need of help that we were unable to provide ourselves. We have small children and were in the process of selling our home. We felt very overwhelmed and didn't know    where to begin. After a phone consultation with Barbara, we had a plan for dealing with the most urgent needs. By the end of the day, my mother-in-law had seen the  doctor and home health care was ordered. There was a huge weight lifted off all of our hearts and Barbara's help made it happen.Thank you for the support, advice and empowerment.

Elizabeth H.

Encino, CA

Barbara has helped me tremendously with my step-dad. He had been fighting lymphoma for about 8 months and was at the end, beating the cancer but his body had taken such a beating by the chemo treatment that he had no more life to give. I had relied on Barbara’s knowledge and called her for advice about what options we had for his end-of-life treatment. She gave me a list of important questions that should be asked and really helped me with how I should communicate his needs and the needs of my mother. If I did not have Barbara there to help me with understanding how things work and all the options, my step-dad’s passing would not have been as easy (even though a loved one passing is never easy) in the sense of getting the right end-of-life care for him. Thank you Barbara for being an amazing person and advocate!

Lola Griffin

Reseda, CA

My mother is 88 years old and resides in a nursing home in Illinois. Her physical well being had been grossly mishandled for the past year and a half. I had spent several months and a tremendous amount of hours on the phone trying to get help through different agencies in the state of Illinois and surrounding areas to no avail. By this time I was feeling that there was just no help and the system had definitely failed my mother.  It wasn't until I discovered Barbara Wogh's "Keeping Your Parents Safe",  that I began to see some light.


Even though the nursing facility was in a different state Barbara was able to advise and direct me to the proper resources and government agencies that were beneficial in getting the help I needed to resolve the problems. 

I found Barbara to not only be a wealth of resources, but her tremendous knowledge of medical care helped to improve my mother's physical condition as I worked to get help in the system. She had a genuine heart-felt concern for the care and condition of my mother and many times contacted me with concerns that had never even crossed my mind. I can now say things are quite different and getting better day by day. 


Thank you Barbara for your dedication and concern for the elderly.  Because of you, mom and I can say....We Win!

Jaynie J.

Studio City, CA

Barbara helped us after my mother-in-law's second stroke when we had to consider various care options.  It can be overwhelming to have to make such important decisions, especially when they need to be made quickly.  Barbara gave us resources and advised us about best ways to proceed, which helped to focus our efforts to make the right decisions for our family.  She treated us with as much care and attention as she would have with her own family, and we appreciated her knowledge of the healthcare field both as an RN and an advocate.

Lisa F.

Tarzana, CA

I was given Barbara's name from a friend that highly recommended her services and company.  I have to say, she covered and recommended far more than another company we interviewed and suggested things that were critical to my family's comfort as well as my father's.  We obviously had very difficult decisions we had to make moving forward.  Barbara has an exceptional and genuine sense of empathy, compassion and kindness that seemed to come from first-hand experience.  I can't thank you enough for all you did in a horrible time for our family. Her services come with the highest regards.

Steven G.

Phoenix, AZ

Recently I went thru the rocky road of having to navigate the process of tests, Doctor evaluations, more tests, a biopsy, more Doctor evaluations, more scans...


It is extremely difficult as the patient and or close family to understand what the test results and lab reports  really say and to ask all the appropriate questions or even hear the Doctors explanations correctly. There is a fear factor for the patient and the family that is akin to being in shock.


Barbara Wogh, RN attended the appointments with a thoughtful presence, immaculate note taking and provided written reports of the dialogue the Doctors had with me. She also provided me with reputable printed information on the matter at hand. I know that I was able to manage thru the initial phases as well as I did because Barbara was resolute with her positive attitude and professional approach. Her guidance was immeasurable. Aside from the appointments she attended with me, Barbara was consistent in keeping in touch with me thru phone calls and emails, which provided a great deal of comfort to me.


It was my  best decision to have Barbara help and stand by me in navigating the often confusing initial process of this discovery.  She provided a reliable, capable  and resolute approach to get me through it all. I felt more secure. Barbara’s written reports on the Doctors comments were thorough and appropriately translated to me and my family.


I would recommend her highly as a Patient Advocate for you and your dearest of family.


Adrienne M.

Porter Ranch, CA

Barbara has been a tremendous help in assisting and guiding me to proper care for my aging parents. She has a wealth of knowledge and determination to help make sure my parents and I are equipped to handle their rapidly changing situations. She is firm, yet kind and very gentle. She gets the job done, provides confidence and friendship... and I don't know what I would do without her. I have felt very alone as I watch my parents age, but now I know I am in good hands as these inevitable changes occur.

Rosina R.

Lake Balboa, CA

Barbara has been very instrumental in helping with the care of my mom as a consultant. We have had to deal with behavioral and medication changes this past year and Barbara has been an awesome resource. She has helped both medically and emotionally with our situation. She even offered to speak to the physician on our behalf so we would fully understand what was going on. Even though we live across the country, Barbara was able to help us tremendously over the phone and using Skype.
Thank you Barbara!

Chris K

Sterling Heights, MI

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