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At Keeping Your Parents Safe, we know what it's like to worry about your aging parents while you are raising your kids, maintaining a home, working or starting a business, and trying to enjoy it all.

If you live in a different city or state from your parents, you have the added challenge of managing your parents' needs from sometimes thousands of miles away. What do you do first? Who do you call to get good advice?

The good news is that you don't have to do it all alone. Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming, stressful and confusing. We provide the map and flashlight to guide you through what can seem like a dark cave.

After we complete our thorough Compass Assessment to determine the best direction to go in, we tailor a customized program to meet the individual needs of our clients. These programs are carried out within two levels of service:

Guided Navigation Program

A one-on-one, full-service program that provides complete care management focusing on medical issues, care needs, caregiver management, research, education, fraud prevention, medication management and communication with doctors and other healthcare team members. We guide you out of the dark cave and onto a clear path.

Virtual Guide Map Program

This innovative, “do-it-yourself” program provides guidance in carrying out necessary care management activities described in our Guided Navigation Program. We act as your coach and go-to resource so you can be more efficient with your time and efforts in caring for your parents. We use a combination of email, video-conferencing, live phone calls, a private online support group, and research and educational resources to provide the map that will navigate you and your parents through the healthcare maze and onto a clear path.

The benefits of our interventions include:

  • Having access to trusted referral sources

  • Being able to rest easy without constant stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Having one contact person to get your concerns addressed and your questions answered

  • Avoiding caregiver burnout

  • Honoring your parents by ensuring they get the best care possible

  • Eliminating upheaval in your life to handle the next crisis

  • Seeing a clear path to your parents' health and well-being goals

  • Being able to re-establish the parent-child relationship instead of having to fulfill the caregiver role

  • Being able to visit your parents without having to deal with pressing issues

  • Decrease the risk of falls and hospitalizations

  • Being able to spend more relaxed, quality time with your partner, children, pets or anyone that is important to you in your life

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4 Online Tools You Must Use To Find Quality Care For Your Aging Parent and Keep Them Safe

Your privacy is assured. I will not sell, rent, or share your information with anyone! 

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